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Find & Protect
Your Voice. Your Body. Your Strength.

MPower Training

MPower was created to empower and embolden you to find your strength and learn to be consciously aware of your surroundings so that you are prepared to stand up for yourself in the face of violence.

We believe in integrating self defense as a regular practice, so you build a natural response and learn to respond to real life situations; you can never be too prepared.

​Private sessions and special event sessions can be catered to fit the specific needs of an individual or a group, small business, corporate atmosphere, non-profit organizations, academic, etc.

Judo Motions
Image by Dan Burton
Self Defense Practice

Community &

Group Classes



Small Business &

Corporate Seminars

Private Sessions



Inspired by a group of neighborhood high school students who were preparing for college, Owner and Lead Instructor, Matt Camacho, discovered an opportunity to pass on his knowledge of self-defense to others who were seeking ways to protect themselves from potential danger or threatening situations. 


Armed with his years of study in multiple forms of martial arts, MPower has built a program for others to easily learn techniques and apply them in life. While some may feel a single class would be sufficient, MPower believes the learning process requires habit forming practices and building situational awareness. 

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